Classical Piano Music

Piano Music

Sand & Pebbles offers programs for learning Western Classical Piano Music and is well equipped with modern studios and have a range of professional acoustic pianos to learn and practice on. Enrolled students are  encouraged to appear for international certification examinations conducted by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (London) (ABRSM)  and they are proud of the achievements of the students, with many having delivered outstanding performances and results in the examinations, in the five years since inception .

Sand & Pebbles offers personalised one on one coaching,  Students are taught by experienced instructors where they learn the nuances and various techniques of playing on professional acoustic Pianos.

Do call/visit us to know more and  to discuss and schedule classes at mutually convenient timings.

Sand & Pebbles also conduct Annual “Music Recitals” at their recently added indoor auditorium where the performances can be witnessed by friends, parents  and  relatives as the students perform live on stage.

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